August 25, 2022

The 11 Deadly Sins of Product Development

Unlike the world of software (services) development where considerable past reference and benchmarking exists, product development (both; software and hardware) is full of complex challenges at every step. The basic truth of product development – really a fundamental principle: Surprises only get more expensive if discovered later. Putting the other way: Product development is largely an exercise of uncovering surprises as soon as possible.

In his book, ‘Prototype to Product: A practical guide for getting to market’ by Alan Cohen, he lists 11 deadly sins that entrepreneurs and technologists must be fully aware of.

Deadly sin #1: Putting off “serious” testing until the end of development

Deadly sin #2: Assuming that we know what users want in a product

Deadly sin #3: Assuming that users know what they want in a product

Deadly sin #4: Lack of comprehensive requirements

Deadly sin #5: Lack of good project plan

Deadly sin #6: Not assigning responsibility

Deadly sin #7: Not addressing regulations

Deadly sin #8: The sin of new-feature-It is

Deadly sin #9: Not knowing when to quit polishing

Deadly sin #10: Not planning to fail

Deadly sin #11: Developing technology rather than developing products

This is one reason why product start-ups are hard to pursue….but for those who follow the rules diligently, and have the perseverance to make it, will surely reap much larger benefits at the end of the journey!

K Thyagrajan

Founding Team Member and Mentopreneur & Visiting Faculty, iCreate

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