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iLab@iCreate is powered by our cutting-edge lab and seasoned experts, who enable you to get a high quality prototype in minimal time and cost. iLab is supported by the Department of Science & Technology (Government of India), the Government of Gujarat, Cisco and SOLIDWORKS. iCreate makes a range of rapid prototyping services available under one roof, to individuals and institutions – manufacturers, startups, incubation centres or research organisations – engaged in designing, iterating and developing their prototypes. iLab has various equipment necessary to give shape to your idea – from CNC Lathe Machine to Plasma Cutting Machine, Thermal Conductivity Machine, besides facilities for Welding, Drilling and Assembly.

What’s in for you

Access to workspace at our state-of-the-art campus in Ahmedabad

Capacity building workshops

Facilities available in iLab@iCreate

CNC-Lathe-Machine This multi-purpose lathe machine (HQ400-3A) consists of various applications for turning, drilling, milling and thread cutting, suitable for processing metal, wood and other materials. It can be used for small diameter works. Machine has a maximum spindle hole diameter of 20mm.

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Whether you are a startup, research organization or an Incubation Centre, you can reach out to us to take advantage of our fabrication services provided by our skilled resources and welding equipment like TIG welding, Spot welding and MIG+Arc Welding. You can also avail Aluminum welding service at significantly lower rates than prevailing market rates.

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Cut your labour and time in half and save money with a CNC machine today! Our Plasma-cutting CNC Controller Intecut 5 machine will serve all your needs of design cutting of any shape. It cuts SS, MS and Al with ease, upto 25mm thickness.

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iCreate has Thermal conductivity machine which can measure heat transfer rate and boiling point of any liquid sample over a range of 200 °C. It has a auto login system and can create a graph in W/M²°C

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Virtual Tour of iLab@iCreate

CNC Lathe Machine

Vertical Milling Machine

Cisco IoT Lab

3D Printing Machines

Lathe Machine, Radial Drill Machine and Vertical Milling Machine

TIG MIG Welding

Lathe Machine

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