DNXT Connecting Life Spaces

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“SASACT” (Scheme for Accelerating Startups around Post COVID Technology Opportunities)

SASACT initiative is part of Meity’s slew of measures to respond to today's changing environment in a reiterating the need and importance of quick and reliable technology solutions in accordance with local needs. SAS

The Economic Global Business Summit 2020

The Economic Global Business Summit 2020


An important entity, iCreate in India – Israel Innovation Bridge

Over the years, iCreate has evolved as a “bridge” between “Startup Nation” Israel and India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Seeking to leverage innovative, technology-based solutions for the en...

Value, like beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder!

Why it is important to always keep listening to the ‘voice of the customer’  Each time a young aspiring technology entrepreneur walks up to me and says “I have a brilliant idea that can change ...

The Entrepreneur in Each Child

Every child has the potential to be an entrepreneur. And, entrepreneurial skills are basically nothing bur life skills. Contrary to popular thinking, entrepreneurial skills are not necessarily innate,...