EVangelise '21: Electric Vehicle Innovation Challenge

EVangelise is a one-of-its-kind Electric Vehicle Innovation Challenge that will bring together innovators, institutions, state and central government bodies. It will consist of an annual challenge, with the inaugural ed

“SASACT” (Scheme for Accelerating Startups around Post COVID Technology Opportunities)

SASACT initiative is part of Meity’s slew of measures to respond to today's changing environment in a reiterating the need and importance of quick and reliable technology solutions in accordance with local needs. SAS

The Economic Global Business Summit 2020

The Economic Global Business Summit 2020


Where Founders Flounder?!

With ‘Startup’ becoming a fad term, it is better to get your feet wet, before swimming Founders are individuals who start new organizations to pursue opportunities without regard to the resources ...

Separating signal from the noise

If the ‘Best-Fit’ people are part of your team, then magic is just round the corner! It was a mild chilly Delhi afternoon and I was seated alongside the MD and CEO of a reasonably large sized Desi...

Ethical Dilemma: “Right versus Right”​

While “right versus wrong” are easy decisions to take, it is the “right versus right” that are always a challenge for any leadership. Some three decades ago when I was teaching a course as a v...