Why iCreate EV CoE

As a leading institution committed to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, iCreate supports India’s 2030 EV ambition. We have defined EVs as our focus area, and to accelerate breakthrough innovations, the iCreate EV Centre of Excellence (CoE) has been set up. The CoE will drive the benefits of standardisation, interoperability, and future-proofing, and enable next-gen innovation, helping place Indian startups on the global map.

A unique, integrated, open-source platform for small EVs

Our aim is to provide EV innovators with ready access to core EV technology, and reduce costs for Indian EV manufacturers, so that they are globally competitive.

Here, we aim to support states to procure and run intelligent bus fleets with electric and hybrid powertrains that use zero-carbon fuel.

Engagement Model & Initiatives

Engagement Model

iCreate EV Centre of Excellence looks forward to collaborating with corporates, research institutions, government bodies, and international innovation ecosystems, in the following areas:

  • Developing technical standards for the EV industry
  • Creating innovation-led solutions to address specific problem statements
  • Conducting field trials of innovations that are developed by iCreate’s EV startups, as a prelude to their adoption
  • Forming suitable public-private partnerships, where each partner brings its unique strengths to the table
  • Forming partnerships with international institutions, where potential synergies exist
  • Championing innovations focussed on specific parts of the EV value chain, aimed at supporting India’s 2030 EV ambition
  • Supporting iCreate’s innovation challenges in the field of EVs

Supporting EV startups

Over the past few years, iCreate has built a track-record of supporting diverse projects in the EV domain. These range from Batteries and battery management systems to Charging systems, Energy recovery systems, Hybrid energy storage systems, Autonomous driving assisting systems, and Smart functionality systems. A stellar example of iCreate’s EV startups is CHARGE+ZONE, a company that has not only been incubated by iCreate, but was also recently helped in partnering with the Government of Gujarat for a $300 million investment, to set up over 50,000 charging stations across India.

We support our startups by providing a one-stop gateway to money, mentors and market connections. Our campus offers state-of-the-art design and simulation labs and rapid prototyping facilities. 

Partnering with the ecosystem

Some recent partnerships include the following:

  • iCreate conceptualised and conducted the inaugural edition of EVangelise, India’s biggest EV innovation challenge aimed at promoting sub-component level innovation in 2 and 3-wheeler EVs. EVangelise was organised in collaboration with a range of institutional partners, and attracted close to 400 entries from across the country, resulting in some high-quality innovations.
  • With the aim of eliminating dependence on China, iCreate has collaborated with India’s Sona Comstar and Israel’s IRP Systems, to develop and manufacture an electric motor and controller without using rare earth elements.
  • With Startup India and Uber, iCreate recently conducted a Green Mobility Innovation Challenge to support breakthrough ideas that drive the adoption of EVs.


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