About Grant in brief

iCreate Spark-up Idea Fund

Here is an unmatched opportunity to make your tech-based innovation a reality. iCreate Spark Up Idea Fund will offer you the platform to learn the nuances of entrepreneurship, get support and guidance, and go back with a clear understanding of how to start up and convert your idea into a real product.

What’s in for you


Participate in a 3-day bootcamp and receive intensive mentoring from experts


Validate your idea with real customers


Learn about how to create a successful technology-based product


Interact with other startups who are at a similar stage, and learn from their journey


Receive support and funding of up to Rs. 50,000/- from iCreate


Get Access to our Alumni Network

Spark-up Idea Fund program is a unique opportunity for students to submit their innovative Idea/Project & have an opportunity to receive support and funding of up-to INR 50,000. Any student or team from any discipline and college can apply for the fund. To meet the qualifying criteria the idea must be implementable, commercially viable and new or one giving a better alternative to an existing product or service. The idea must be backed by a committed individual or team who can take the idea from one stage to the next.

Our Focus Areas

Electric Vehicle

Renewable Energy


Internet of Things




Who Can Apply

Eligibility criteria for applicants:
  • Technovative and/or appeal to a Mass market
  • Implementable
  • Commercially Viable
  • Entirely New, Better Alternative and/or Affordable
  • Committed Individual/Team

Program Timeline

1 Jul
31 July
10 Aug
16 Aug
20 Aug
26 Aug

Application Open - iCreate will start accepting applications.

1 Jul

Application Close - iCreate will close accepting applications.

31 July

Announcing Shortlisted Startups - iCreate will contact Startups to organize final evaluation.

10 Aug

Final Pitch - iCreate will organize Final Evaluation cum Pitching Session for selected Startups.

16 Aug

Announcing Final Result - iCreate will contact selected Startups in Final Evaluation cum Pitching Session and start the onboarding process.

20 Aug

Onboarding Startups - iCreate and selected Startups will sign Non Disclosure Agreement and Startup will start working from iCreate Campus.

26 Aug

Our Mentors

At iCreate, we recognise how important good mentors are to guiding, challenging, motivating startups in translating their dreams into reality. We assign each startup a mentor or a group of mentors to shape the desired outcome as per a pre-planned schedule. Seasoned and accomplished technical as well as business mentors guide all our projects with a mandate to drive the startup founders towards achieving mutually determined outcomes.

Mr. Shantanu Chaturvedi

Lead Technology Analyst, iCreate

Shantanu is an avid technologist with vast experience in managing prototyping programmes for early-stage startups, end-to-end, from evaluating technologies to helping build a market-ready product. His core competencies include PCB design, circuit design and electronics.

Ms. Avani Patel

Consultant, iCreate

Avani is passionate about business, and is an entrepreneur at heart, with rich cross-sector experience. Her skill-sets include efficient execution of an idea from scratch, business operations, process planning and crisis management.

Mr. Ashish Kanaujia

Technology Innovation Consultant

Ashish Kanaujia is known for the conversion of ideas from lab scale to commercial scale. He brings more than 20 years of experience in multiple dimensions of technologies, Ashish’s area of expertise varies from Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Brain Computer Interface to Healthcare as well as ICT. He has worked as a consultant with various offshore clients and MNCs. Ashish is very instrumental in mentoring startups and already running incubation centres at Greater Noida, Lucknow and Kanpur. Currently, he is mentoring and providing technological guidance to a number of startups at iCreate (a Government of Gujarat TBI). His experience to work with engineers, academicians, patent attorneys and being inventor by himself make him sync well with the new emerging technologies. He has been an expert in software and electronics. He has been instrumental in ideation and implementation of various electronics and software products in different capacities.

Mr. Siddharth Amin

Technology Innovation Consultant

Siddharth Amin is a Electronics and communications engineer. As a test pilot, he has clocked more than 10,000 flying hours on Radio Controlled aircraft as well as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles over 25 years. He has also been an instructor for Indian Army personnel for flying radio controlled aircraft as part of their Air Defence Exercises. He was part of Project Eagle Eye. This project involved the development of a UAV for the 21 SATA Regiment of the Indian Army. He has piloted a UAV that validated a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest painting in Vadodara in 2009. He has over 15 years of experience in UAV design and Engineering and have been involved in the Research and Development activities, as well as the design and fabrication of the UAVs. He has developed breakthrough Autopilot Systems, OSD modules and Power Supply Units, that have been used in the company’s products successfully. He has been involved in the design and fabrication of UAV airframes.


What our supported startups have to say

iCreate really helped me to build my project to a PoC level. Other than the funding, I took advantage of iCreate's intensive mentoring of business planning and marketing. It really helped me understand how I should startup with my idea.

Akshay Taiwade

Founder, Inclusive Communication Mediums

iCreate has been a great mentor in our journey. Really helpful in giving us both the technical support and business direction to bring our product into the market.

Subhajit Sinha

Founder, 4Climate

Are you a school or college student & looking for support for your idea?
Get Spark-up Idea Fund from iCreate

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