About program in brief

India-Israel Business Resilience Program

The India-Israel Business Resilience Program, offered by iCreate, India's premier Technology Business Incubator, is a tailored initiative designed to support startups and technology businesses from Israel in establishing a secure second home base to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Salient Features of IIBR:

IIBR connects businesses with academia and research institutions, fostering partnerships that can lead to breakthrough innovations.

Israeli startups can tap into a diverse talent pool in India, enhancing their team and capabilities.

The program establishes valuable connections with local markets, providing opportunities to explore new avenues for growth. Through IIBR, businesses gain access to the vast Indian market, expanding their reach and customer base.

IIBR connects businesses with local industries and micro, small, and medium enterprises, creating a rich ecosystem for growth and collaboration.

About the program

The India-Israel Business Resilience Program is tailored for startups and technology businesses from Israel seeking a secure second home base to ensure seamless business operations.

iCreate, India’s premier Technology Business Incubator, provides Israeli businesses with the ideal environment to sustain their operations without disruption. iCreate has developed an ecosystem for startups, seamlessly integrating residential accommodations, state-of-the-art workspaces, industry connections, academic partnerships, and a rich pool of talent.

India’s rapidly growing economy and vast pool of local talent makes it an attractive destination for global start-ups and companies. Leveraging iCreate’s expertise in this realm, we have established a dedicated facility that serves as a safe-zone for immersive, hands-on explorations. We warmly extend an invitation to entrepreneurs, innovators, and companies from Israel to consider establishing their secondary presence at iCreate for their global expansion aspirations.

Salient Features of IIBR:

Support Facilities:

  • Infrastructure: IIBR offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, ensuring that businesses have access to the facilities and resources they need to thrive.
  • Residential Facilities: Israeli entrepreneurs are provided with comfortable residential facilities, creating a convenient and supportive environment.
  • Kosher Meals: Special dietary needs, such as kosher meals, are catered to, respecting individual preferences.


Operational Support:

  • Co-incubation: IIBR facilitates co-incubation, allowing Israeli startups to collaborate with local entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing. Gain access to seasoned industry experts and mentors who provide tailored guidance, industry insights, and a network of valuable connections, ensuring your success in the Indian market.
  • Co-location: The program provides a co-location space, enabling businesses to work closely together, which can lead to synergies and collaboration.
  • Back-Office Support: The program offers back-office support services, simplifying administrative tasks and ensuring smooth operations.
  • Remote Team Management Services: IIBR includes support for managing remote teams effectively, improving collaboration across borders.
  • Relocation Services: The program helps with relocation, including assistance for visa arrangements, travel logistics, and immersion support for a seamless transition.

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