About Program in brief

iCreate Innovation Associate Programme

To facilitate the growth of the culture of start-up conceptualization, creation, and growth amongst engineering and management students, iCreate has instituted the iCreate Innovation Associate Programme (iIAP) that would immerse engineering and management students into aspects of technology entrepreneurship by offering projects and internships.

Objective of iIAP

Who it is for & Benefits

This will involve work in areas of research and analysis related to industry structure, growth drivers and barriers, global and local trends, emerging technologies, stakeholder perspectives, leading players, startup ecosystem, best practices, and regulatory framework. The aim would be to develop an insightful understanding of the current context and connect the dots to paint likely future scenarios.

This will involve hands-on work on an assigned tech project. This could mean working across any stage of the idea-to-product development cycle, including the design stage involving simulations and calculations or the prototype development stage. We have fully-equipped labs and equipment that support robust technical testing and validation, but we encourage going beyond this to refine prototypes with end-user feedback as well.

  • Partnering with a leading incubator like iCreate would add application orientation to their bank of conceptual knowledge, enhancing their relevance and appeal in the eyes of both the industry and students.
  • It will enable them to tap into the wealth of insights and best practices that iCreate has acquired about how innovation can transform society and the economy, thanks to our work with hundreds of startups across different domains.
  • iIAP will provide participants with practical exposure to the startup ecosystem and the workings of a startup.
  • It will inculcate in them an entrepreneurial mindset, where one learns to think like an entrepreneur, regardless of whether one is a startup or an ‘intrapreneur’ working in an organisation.
  • An engagement with iCreate opens up many opportunities for students, even after they complete the iIAP. Suitable candidates could join iCreate and get to work in a stimulating environment as part of a vibrant innovation ecosystem. Those interested in starting up may find iCreate to be an enabling platform that provides them with a winning combination of mentors, market connects, grants and investments.


There will be two cohorts every year, beginning in January and August.

Are you an enthusiastic engineering and management student looking for
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