Career is a matter of both choice and chance!

We are here to give to you the chance of a lifetime - it is up to you to exercise the opportunity to make the right choice. If you are somebody who is passionate about technology and support the idea of entrepreneurship by making a difference through your contribution, then THIS is the place to be.

We are looking for enthusiasts at various stages of our evolution. You could be:

  • A teacher in the area of technology who dares to think and implement differently
  • A facilitator / student counselor who loves to work with young students in pursuit of setting up global technology ventures
  • A seasoned professional who wants to bring to fore experience and wisdom to guide MSMEs in their rapid growth
  • A natural "net worker" who loves to connect with diverse individuals and institutions
  • A seasoned counselor / business psychologist/ management consultant to technology / high growth enterprises
  • A professional in the area of finance/venture capital/private equity who as abilities to nurture young teams in their early stages of venture creation
  • A technology entrepreneur yourself and wishes to help other peers and aspirants in their journey!

One of the essential qualifications is that you MUST have the joy in helping others succeed!

If you think you are likely to share the ethos that icreate aspires to build and promote, then please get in touch with us.