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iLab@iCreate is a state-of-the-art fabrication lab located at iCreate's 40-acre campus at Deo Dholera in Ahmedabad. iLab is designated as a 'PRAYAS Shala' by the Department of Science & Technology (Govt of India), and is supported by the Govt of Gujarat, Cisco and Solidworks. As India's leading incubator for technology-based startups, iCreate has created iLab to enable innovators to design, iterate and develop their prototypes, with multiple rapid prototyping facilities available under one roof. The secret that has powered over 262 innovations and 20 patents supported by iCreate, is now available to all innovators. Whether you are a manufacturer, startup, incubation centre, or research organisation, iLab offers its rapid prototyping services to help you make your idea tangible. Just email us your design and let our cutting-edge machines and seasoned experts enable you to get a high-quality prototype in minimal time and cost.

Prototyping Services to make your idea alive !

CNC Lathe Machine

This multi-purpose lathe machine (HQ400-3A) consists of various applications for turning, drilling, milling and thread cutting, suitable for processing metal, wood and other materials. It can be used for small diameter works. Machine have a maximum spindle hole diameter of 20mm.

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Welding, Drilling, Assembly

Whether you are a startup, research organization or an Incubation Centre, you can reach out to us to take benefit of our fabrication services provided by our skilled resources and welding equipment like Tig welding, Spot welding and MIG+Arc Welding. You can also avail Aluminum welding service at significantly lower rates than prevailing market rates.

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Plasma Cutting Machine

Cut your labour and time in half and save money with a CNC machine today! Our Plasma-cutting CNC Controller Intecut 5 machine will serve all your need of design cutting of any shape. It cuts SS, MS and Al with ease, upto 25mm thickness.

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Thermal Conductivity Machine

iCreate has Thermal conductivity machine which can measure heat transfer rate and boiling point of any liquid sample over a range of 200 °C. It has a auto login system and can create a graph in W/M²°C

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Past Workshops


Faculty development in the area of next generation entrepreneurship in professional and technology institutes.


The objective is to help faculties appreciate the potential impact of encouraging students to take up innovative projects and guiding them to effectively implement as part of their undergraduate/graduate programs.

The workshop would focus on:

  • Recognizing the role that faculty have to play in encouraging students to take up such projects
  • Realizing that 'innovation' is a way of thinking and that everybody has the potential to be innovative
  • Translating innovative ideas into action- the importance of implementation and the value of appropriate mentoring and guidance
  • Importance and benefits of working across disciplines

A 2 day weekend workshop (Non-Residential) which facilitates students to touch and feel what it takes to embark on an next gen entrepreneurial journey. It provides the basics of next gen entrepreneurship and a comprehensive understanding of the associated myths, identification of the pain point, creating a value proposition, understanding concepts of costing & pricing, importance of a team, significance of IPR available funding options and support systems. The workshop will take the students through the inspiring journey of entrepreneurs and live interactions with many young entrepreneurs.


A 6-day pre-grooming program (Non-Residential) which sensitizes students and aspiring entrepreneurs, with or without ideas to the journey of entrepreneurship and the demands thereof. It provides the basic understanding of the skill sets and knowledge required for undertaking the entrepreneurial journey right from getting an idea and validating it, assessing the feasibility of the idea, understanding of markets, operations, financial planning, raising resources and setting up of the company, building and managing teams.


The objectives of the Seminar are:

  • To understand Entrepreneurship and its journey.
  • To evaluate Entrepreneurship as a career option.
  • To get a glimpse of emerging Next Generation Technology trends and opportunities.
  • To learn how to generate Entrepreneurial Idea(s).
  • To know about icreate and its various programs especially the Spark-Up Idea Fund.
GET SET...GO-START-UP !(One-day workshop)

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To understand Entrepreneurship and its journey.
  • How to generate Entrepreneurial Idea(s).
  • How to make a good business proposal.
  • Exercise - How to make a good business model around the Idea
  • How to make best use of your college days!