Ahmedabad Management Association 

04 June 2016

icreate's one day event brought a stunning array of technological experiences to ones personal and professional lives. Change is the only constant in today's world and every industry has to innovate and invest in new technologies and ideas in order to solve the problems prevailing in markets. Innovation is not only in the technology, but also in the use of the technology. The participants learned about how prehistoric technology could be resurrected in today's time wherein this knowledge can rapidly improve the products and services.

These skills are budding in many cases, but there are enough examples across a range of sectors and industries that we can begin to see a future that is quite exciting.

The enormous growth of technology and trends that we are presently experiencing and enjoying in various domains like IoT, Healthcare, and Energy is through the hard work and research of people who wanted to make things easier and possible for us and we were glad to introduce the proficient go-getter Mr. Ashish Kanaujiya for the event.

1. Healthcare
2. IoT [Cloud with Mobile Apps]
3. Energy Solar
4. Artificial Intelligence [AI]

The event agenda featured 4 range of topics focused on the technology innovation and market trends:
Things you didn't realize, you can do easily using technology
� Getting your heads around technology and hands-on Learning
� Re-inventing the lost technology � a deep dive into tech innovations from 100 years

� How to build habit of forming tech projects