Start-Up Fair: Winter 2015

IeT Ahmedabad University 

06 December 2015

icreate and Venture Studio organized a one day Start-Up Fair for Students, Professionals and Start-Ups to come together and explore employment/co-founder/partnering possibilities. This fair helped professionals and students to find exciting opportunities where they can make an impact by providing access of their talent to the start-ups.

The fair was a platform for professionals, students, start-ups, service providers, parents, faculties, investors, etc. to come together, mingle, interact and foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Ahmedabad. It enabled all the stakeholders from the entrepreneurial fraternity to recognize and interact with a pool of talent across various sectors.

The one day fair featured events like:- Job Fair, Keynote Session, Workshop, Start-Ups Pitches, B2B Meetings and lots of networking opportunities.