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16 November 2017 - 22 November 2017

The first of a series of webinar is hosted at iCreate Campus on 22 November at iCreate 5:30 pm onwards.

Dr Dan Engels, Director of MSC programme in Data Science and Shaibal Chakrabaty are America's preeminent experts on cybersecurity and IoT.

Dan has a PhD in Scheduling Hard and Software Partitioning in Embedded System Design and is the director of the MSC Data Science Programme at Southern Methodist University. He is the world�s leading expert in RfID and mobile technology systems.

Shaibal is completing his PhD in Securing IoT for Smart Cities and is also currently a lecturer in data and networking having completed many years in corporates including CISCO and Uber.

These experienced academics pledged their time to deliver an informative lecture followed by Q&A which began with a series of interactive sessions on IoT and cybersecurity and continued with blockchain and other interesting topics.